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Welcome parents and caregivers...

You’re probably thinking do I need another baby gadget/will this one actually work? Let me explain to you why this is going to be a baby must have!

Each day brings something new and exciting with your little one.

The first taste is one of those huge milestones for both you and baby.

The transition from liquids to solid foods is a big step and such an exciting moment! It's a vital stage for your baby to develop mentally and before you know it your will start to enjoy your baby's sticky face and hands. As exciting as that first bite may be, it can also seem daunting. Some babies will be so eager to try that first bite that they may bite off more than they can chew or not know how to swallow just yet. That is what Baebea's foodie feeder is there for. The feeder has small holes that only allow small bits of food to pass through, making it a worry-free solution to introducing solids.

This booklet is a reference guide with tips and ideas for that first taste.

Sincerely, The Baebea Family